Not On The High Street (or apparently their website)

So it’s almost December and this morning I had the sudden realisation that in less than a month Christmas would be here and I have yet to buy any presents. After a gigantic flap I decided to start looking online for some gift ideas for my friends and relatives.

Recently I’ve been turning to Not On The High Street when looking for presents because they have a gorgeous and huge selection of different gifts, often handmade and personalised. I managed to find a really cute personalised wooden spoon where a message and a cupcake drawing were carved onto the back of it.

I admit this sounds like a joke Secret Santa present but honestly I saw it and was so excited to give it alongside some other baking bits, hamper style with ribbons and tissue paper. After excitedly filling out the ‘what do you want your message to be’ bit I was ready to check out, only to be presented with ‘this item is currently out of stock’. Utter disappointment.

Why do websites do this to us, taunting us with items when we can’t buy them? This teasing is mean at any time of the year but this close to Christmas is unforgivable!

The most annoying thing about this situation is that I am now even more anxious about Christmas shopping because I have to think up another present idea or risk it and hope that the spoons come back into stock. The Christmas heartbreak has already begun and it’s not even December.


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