Our Power On Change.Org

After seeing Russell Brand and Jonathon Ross tweet that they had signed a petition on change.org I decided to have a look myself. The petition in question was ‘DavidDinsmore: Take The Bare Boobs Out Of The Sun #nomorepage3’ and after reading the petition details, I just had to sign it too. Thanks to a fantastically funny and honest appeal from the creator Lucy Holmes and the power of social media, this petition now has over 130,000 signatures and support from many high profile people.

Change.org is a free petition platform that allows anyone to start a petition. Equally, it allows anyone to sign a petition that they agree with, easily and (if they want) anonymously. Each has its own aim; some want to raise awareness about an issue, others need to reach a certain amount of signatures before the topic is raised in parliament or a person in a powerful position will take notice.

As Brits we are renowned for complaining and yet very few of us are compelled to do anything about it. Long gone are the days when the only way to show your support was to stage a protest with placards or link arms along a picket line as it is now so easy to back a cause in a way that will actually make a difference.

Without even moving from the sofa, you can sign a petition and suggest via social media that others do the same, all whilst exampling inertia at it’s finest. It is too easy not to join in.

The unique thing about change.org is that people aren’t asking for money or time or frankly even much effort; they are asking for us to use our voice to make a difference and that is why I believe it is such a powerful tool.

At a time when it is still incredibly hard to get our voices heard, I think that it would be a lost opportunity if we didn’t use change.org. It’s an advantage that we are lucky enough to have and a force that has potential to cause real change.


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