First World Problems

It was last year when I first stumbled upon this acronym; an acronym that I had never encountered before. Not wanting to seem uncool, I overlooked those 3 letters and allowed myself to forget such an embarrassing blunder.

I was starting to become a little worried by the fact that I didn’t understand this term. Was I growing old before my time? Would I soon be listening to The Archers and eating tinned sardines? I had to do it. I had to admit my weakness and ask for help.

Mortification turned to relief as my best friend educated me about modern day acronyms, teaching me that an ‘fwp’ is a ‘first world problem’. A ‘first world problem’ you ask, what on earth is that?

A ‘first world problem’ is quite simply a problem that only happens to those who live in the first world.

As much as I hate to say it I am not only guilty but a serial offender of winging about ‘first world problems’ and below are some of my most recent complaints.

“I’ve finished the last series of Desperate Housewives and now it feels as if my life isn’t worth living because I no longer have anything to watch in the bath.”

“I’m only running the internet on the YouView, my laptop and my phone but the wifi is sooooo slow – what have I done to deserve this torture?!”

“My eyebrow game is so strong today that the thought of removing my make-up is heart-breaking but I know that I can’t use my fancy eye-cream until I have.”

“I feel like a common peasant for only owning an iPhone 4 whilst others around me have a 5C or 5S.”

I’m fully aware of just how ridiculous these problems sound but it’s an absurd phenomenon that those of us living privileged first world lives often feel hard done by over entirely trivial things.

It’s definitely true that the more you have the more you have to complain about and although it’s clear that all first world problems are utterly melodramatic, I can assure you that at the time it feels as if a film should be made to document your troubles and a party should be held to congratulate you for making it through such unrest.


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