Photos From My Past

I am fast approaching 19 and not only will I soon be hideously old but I will also be entering into my last year as a teenager- something that I’m really, really not looking forward to. I do however realise that this is something that I cannot change and so instead of sulking or crying (like I did the night before I turned 7 -a story I shall tell another time) I will take this moment to reminisce about some of my teenage years.

For the first time on my blog I’m going to include some pictures because I think it’ll be a better experience for all of us that way…

Back in 2006, my friends and I made good use of my radiator as a lean-on when we were doing photo shoots against my bedroom wall, resulting in some ridiculously forced poses (sadly I can’t find any photographic evidence of this). We also took advantage of the panoramic photo collator feature on my friend’s Sony Ericsson cyber-shot.
WOW 3 of us in 1 picture, what sorcery! Note my absolute lack of interest in the middle picture…

As well as using our phone photo editors, we enjoyed taking pictures into a mirror so that we could show off our bangin’ tech!

On the left we are proudly showing off my best friend’s First Generation iPhone, a big deal at the time since the rest of us were still rocking Motorola Razrs or Nokia 3220s- which by the way lit up (how snazzy). On the right we’re displaying matching fringes and my brand-new ORANGE camera. Unfortunately we were trying out sepia mode so you can’t be dazzled by it’s brightness in this picture- fear not though I will show it further on (lucky you).

For Lucy’s 12th birthday we got a chance to participate in a real photo-shoot! Donned in my coolest clothes, all of my modelling dreams were coming to life and these are the resulting photos. I think it’s important at this point to tell you that these pictures are saved in a file on my computer called ‘ummm…. lucies awsome Parta’. As I said, cool.

Who said hobby-horses aren’t ‘awsome’??

As we got a little older and started to experiment with make-up, we discovered a new passion for decorating our faces with whatever we could find (almost certainly a freebie from Shout magazine). Check me out in the first picture trying to look natural with a dinosaur tattoo when I blates knew the photo was being taken.


Year 9 was a particularly fashionable year; a time when I exhibited many styles including guitar-scarf and purple Primark jumper, as well as the knee-length cardigan bangle babe look.

As promised, a picture of my camera… also we were at a vineyard in France for the second photo, I didn’t start on the wine at 13.

I’d always (wrongly) assumed that I could pull off the expressionless face that models do and looking back at these photos it’s very clear that I can’t.

There is SO much wrong with the picture on the left; the fringe, the pose, the jumper with that scarf, the fact that me and Vicky are looking in different directions- could this be any more year 9?? As for the picture on the right, a fine example of what not to do in a photo. What makes it worse is that that is the look I was going for, trying to be all Vogue and that.

And finally, just in case you haven’t laughed at me enough, here are some beautiful pictures from the Year 9 French Exchange that I stumbled across on Facebook.

Take note because THAT’S how to eat sexily.

I do hope you enjoyed this small wander back through my teen-years, heaven knows I didn’t.


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