Yes, I’m still cross about One Day.

I loved almost all of One Day, the book that is. It was everything that everyone had told me it would be- a page turner, a tear jerker and above all a bloody good story. I’ll admit, I felt jolly let down by (plot spoiler) an absurd sentence which had Emma hit by a truck and killed. Somehow, even after such a ridiculous kill-off, I still really enjoyed the rest of the book.

I was mighty excited when I heard that David Nicholls (the author) would be adapting his book into a screenplay, taking this as a sign that the film would be as spectacularly emotion evoking as the book. Oh how I was wrong. The script etcetera was great however I failed to appreciate any of this because I was too busy focusing on what is definitely the biggest faux-pas the film industry has ever encountered. Anne Hathaway was cast as Emma Morely.

Absolute outrage! The gorgeous, thin, perfect Anne Hathaway was cast to play every-girl-Yorkshire-lass-who’s-a-little-bit-round Emma Morely and we, the audience, were expected to lap it up. With this one poor casting the film had ditched its humble, Brit-flick roots and become a compromised Hollywood churn-out. Aside from insulting the intelligence of the audience (still can’t believe they thought we’d buy Anne Hathaway’s Yorkshire accent), the casting of an American in what is a classic British story to make it more appealing in the States is an absolute insult to the storyline.

Admittedly this tactic has worked in the past, take Bridget Jones as an example. The difference in this case however is that Renee Zellweger played an entirely convincing Brit, so much so that until I Googled her I had no idea that she’s in fact a Texas native.

Accent aside (aside, definitely not forgotten), Anne was uglied-up in the most obvious way possible. Her hair was poorly frizzed and mammoth glassed were added in an attempt to hide how gorgeous she actually is. The overall effect however was teenager trying to work the geek-chic look but not quite executing it successfully.

It is SO disappointing when a film that potentially could have been incredible is let down because it became too Hollywood- it’s been 3 years and I still haven’t gotten over it. I reckon they should have let Richard Curtis have a go; no doubt he’d have knocked it out of the park like an absolute boss.


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