DAY 5: NYC!!!

I could hardly contain my excitement when I woke on Wednesday. I’d been preparing for this day for months and I was so eager to get going. Huddling around a map, dad was showing us the route that we would take to get to New York. Whilst we were eating our waffles (covered in ‘butter flavoured syrup’- why is everything something-flavoured in America?) Imogen was excitedly telling us about the different states that our journey would take us through; “when we get to New York, I’ll have been to 7 states. Minneapolis, Florida, Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island (which by the way is the smallest US state) and of course, New York.”

We also used breakfast as a time to settle our debts and pay each other back for the things (mostly food and mostly Pringles) that the others had bought for us. It was during this time that we discovered that Edward had only spent $5 since we arrived and had managed to get away with sharing Imogen’s Pringles for 4 days.

After checking out, we started the long journey towards New York. I was so excited to arrive in New York and finally see for myself how incredible it is. The drive was long and consequently we made many stops at Dunkin’ Donuts. Before this point, I’d not had the privilege of trying a Dunkin’ Donut but the wait was definitely worth it and it was just as greasy and delicious as I’d hoped.

Throughout this holiday I was making notes on my phone of what was happening so that I could write about it when we got back. I probably looked a little creepy at the time but it was well worth it for this quote that I was able to save.

Imogen: I’m going to see if they have any sausage rolls.
Mum: I don’t think they have sausage rolls in America Im.
Imogen: That makes me very sad.

But it doesn’t stop there. After rediscovering this top notch quote, I read it aloud to Imogen which then resulted in another A Grade quote.

Imogen: I kept checking everywhere like in all the shops and supermarkets but I couldn’t find any. That’s the reason I couldn’t live in America. That, and the murders.

After the donut stop we returned to the car for the next stretch of our journey. It took a while but eventually we could see the skyline. It was really quite bizarre because having seen the New York skyline hundreds of times before on films and TV, it all felt very familiar. Whilst the drive so far had been long, it was calm and we were able to enjoy it. Sadly I cannot say the same for the drive in.

It was how I would imagine hell would be. Honking horns and people switching lanes last minute and police officers shouting. I’ve always thought that slow moving tractors down a country lane are the most annoying things on the road but my god after experiencing NY traffic I realise how wrong I was. I can only assume that New York community service is taxi driving because why would anyone use their own freewill to choose that as a career?!
It felt like it took us a day and a half to get parked and into the hotel but I was ecstatic when we did. Our hotel room was small and we were all sharing one room but it was exciting and I was keen to get out and see the city for myself.
We wandered up from our hotel on 36thto Times Square where we came across some people dressed up. Since one of them was dressed as Mickey Mouse I assumed they were from the Disney Store which we were right near by. I eagerly ran towards them, grabbing Imogen for a photo. I hadn’t yet been briefed on the tipping culture of NY and didn’t realise that one would be expected. While this was rude of me, I would never have anticipated what was to come. Mickey and his accomplice rattled a tip bag (that I hadn’t previously noticed) in our faces and upon failing to receive a tip from us, chased us down the street. From then onwards I carried a dollar in my pocket so as to avoid needing to run again on this holiday.
After a Maccies on the red steps (we felt very American doing that) and appearing on the big screen, we wandered up to Central Park. It was beautiful and vast and surprisingly quiet considering its position in the centre of the city.

When we arrived back at the hotel we had enough time to get showered and changed before heading back out for a TGI Fridays where I ate the most incredible fried salmon salad with a balsamic dressing. I cannot praise this salad enough and I’ll be honest and say that the whole holiday was worth it for that delicious piece of art. The day had been long, I was full to the brim with salmon salad and I was well and truely ready for bed.


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