DAY 6: Taylor Swift and Pigeons

We woke early on Thursday so that we didn’t miss Taylor Swift. Oh yeah, we saw Taylor Swift perform in Times Square! When we were exploring on Wednesday we noticed a covered stage area so Edward asked a police man what was happening. “Oh, Taylor Swift’s there in the morning” he said, hella casual as if it happened all the time. And then I realised that for him, a police officer stood around Times Square, that sort of stuff probably does happen all the time.

When we got to Times Square at 8 it was already jam packed. I’d sort of underestimated the amount of people that would be there but we were still lucky enough to be able to stand slightly out of the cordoned off area where we had a decent view. It took a really long time for anything to happen and after watching a local dance troop perform a routine to ‘Welcome to New York’ 4 times I was really ready for Tay-Tay to make an appearance.

Eventually Taylor was on stage and performed ‘Welcome to New York’, ‘Out of the Woods’ and ‘Shake it Off’. Gutted for us, we only got to see half of ‘Shake it Off’ because a police man shouted at us to get out of the way. You see on telly people saying that NYC police are scary but I didn’t truly believe it until a police man shouted right at us saying, ‘do you not understand English?!?!?! MOVE. NOW’, which was really quite frightening.

When we were back at the hotel we decided to make a plan for the day. We were going to journey south and explore the lower part of Manhattan. For this we had to get the subway which I was looking forward to because it’s such an iconic part of New York and because I wanted a ticket for my scrapbook.

Once we’d finished subwaying we visited the National Museum of the American Indian which was really interesting. The walls were filled with clothes, weaponry, art, sculptures and artefacts from Native American tribes and alongside them were quotes from Native American people. Some of the quotes were inspiring and spoke of the successes of the Native Americans. A whole section of the museum is dedicated to photographs taken by a Native American photographer, which provided a beautiful insight into the real lives of people in his town. Whilst these quotes were incredible, they were greatly outweighed by quotes of a very different nature. People spoke of how members of their families were killed for not being white or for living in a different way. Other quotes mention how the Native Americans were treated as being savages and killers when behaving in the same way as the new Americans. It was really eye opening and a lovely museum to have visited.

Stepping out of the warm museum, I was suddenly feeling vastly underdressed so we trundled off to find a Starbucks and discuss our next plan. I was beginning to get a headache and didn’t think a ferry ride would improve the situation so we split in half and parted ways. Mum and myself decided to walk back up the island and see where the day took us which was fabulous.

Although our walk was enjoyable, not much had really happened. We’d chatted and browsed the shops, we’d stopped for lunch which we ate in an open seating area, and we’d walked through a park which was filled with pigeons and water fountains. I was enjoying our walk and would have been happy if that was all to have come of the day until the most bizarre thing that I’ve ever witnessed occurred.

As we were walking up the street, a hooded figure carrying a huge bag ran past us. They kept looking side to side so I was able to identify her as a female but still I was none the wiser as to why she was acting so shifty. People started to turn and look and I’ll be honest, I was getting a little bit worried. Was I about to see a crime committed? Would the scary police man from this morning shout at me again? Did this woman have a gun?

Like something from a film, the sky was suddenly filled with pigeons; hundreds and hundreds of pigeons. I was becoming increasingly concerned as were many of the people around and I really had no idea what was happening. The foot traffic began to move again so I pushed my way towards the crazy lady so that I could see what was happening.

The woman had a sack full of bird food and was feeding literally every pigeon in New York. The ground was full of pigeons and there was absolutely no way through them. I was stunned firstly by the amount of pigeons that I could see in one eye-shot but secondly by the power stance that the pigeon feeder had acquired. Clearly she was aware that she shouldn’t be feeding the pigeons and was exuding such power that she may as well have dressed as Dumbledore and started a fire right then and there.

I was speechless until we got back to the hotel and even then the rest of my family didn’t believe the story. My feet felt like they were about to fall off and I still had a headache so lay down for a little nap. 3 hours later I was woken by my dad telling me that it was time for dinner. Usually, I’m opposed to napping and consider them a waste of the day but after such an absurd morning, a nap was definitely in order. We ventured out for dinner where I had a chicken salad which was nice but completely incomparable to the salmon salad from the night before. After dinner we walked back to the hotel where we flopped in front of The Big Bang Theory and excitedly planned out our last day in New York!


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