Too Fat and Too Thin

This is another piece about body shapes, for which I’m not sorry. I wrote Skinny earlier in the year and now I want to speak again about body shapes and our attitudes towards them. I know that this has, and will continue to be, a heavily talked about topic but I really believe that it’s a conversation worth having.

A couple of days ago I was watching Meghan Trainor’s new video, Lips Are Movin, when I discovered an entire comments section dedicated to slagging off her appearance. Meghan looked gorgeous in this video as she did in her last and the video was fun and inoffensive, with really not a lot to talk about. Yet somehow, there was.

Scrolling through the comments was an absolute effort. Firstly, there was hardly any talk of the actual song which is a huge shame but secondly, her weight was being used against her in every possible way. The weight comments were split into 2 groups; those saying she’s too fat and those saying she’s too thin.

As with most singers/dancers/anyone who’s remotely famous there are people ready and waiting to call them out on being fat and Meghan is no exception. The comments had the predictable, ‘ur fat go die in a hole’; the topical, ‘Her lips are movin, and her fat is jigglin’; and my personal favourite, written by someone so openly willing to prove themselves as a huge douchebag, ‘Although her body is very ugly and disgusting, her face is slightly above average at least’.

The other half of the comments were filled with things like this; ‘so funny how all about that bass was about loving yourself and now shes skinny’ and ‘she’s not even fat anymore, she’s lost tons of weight :/’. There was also mention of her now being one the ‘skinny bitches’ that she mentions in her previous song.

It’s not as if comments like these are anything new, nor is what they’re saying original but still it strikes a chord that women are so eagerly judged about their appearance to the point where Meghan is being called out for being too fat and too thin all at the same time.

The media is keen to call anyone fat (even when they’re pregnant – Kim Kardashian a perfect example having been called a fat whale when she was 8 months gone) but I was surprised at the outrage that people are expressing about how she’s lost weight. These comments spoke about how she’s turned her back on girl power and become yet another Barbie doll singer which I think is not only ridiculous but shows a lack of understanding about the message from her first song.

Yes, in All About That Bass she does bad mouth thin girls (skinny bitches) but then attempts to remedy it later by saying ‘no I’m just playing … every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top’. Certainly, this could have been phrased better to become a more inclusive line but as one of the so called ‘skinny bitches’, I’m not terribly cheesed off. That’s why I don’t really understand these comments about Meghan’s weight because she’s clearly and proudly an advocate of body confidence whether you’re large or small.

I find the whole weight issue very hard to understand because at the same time as Meghan Trainor is being hated on for being too thin, Victoria’s Secret angels are being hailed as body inspiration when they are half the size of Meghan. It simply doesn’t make sense that a normal sized woman is both too thin and too fat and a thin woman is just right.

Looking back at the video again it appears that things are changing as a lot of the nasty comments have been removed. We need to self-police, to stand up against comments that are unnecessary and do as our mothers told us, to say nothing unless it’s nice. It doesn’t even need to take any effort to make a difference as the biggest change would occur if we simply said nothing at all.


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