2014 in Pictures

For me, 2014 has been the most incredible year! It was the year that things turned around, the year that I stopped saying ‘no’ and started saying ‘why not’. I’ve been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to try things that I’ve never done before and have been able to make some incredible memories with the people that I love.

Health wise, 2014 has been fantastic. I finished my Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, I’ve done things that have pushed my anxiety to the limit and I’m in a much happier and healthier place than I have been for a very long time. I’m so grateful for the support from my friends, my family and my boss, because without them I’d not have had the year that I did!

So, in this post I’ll be doing a year in pictures to celebrate the fact that I have something to show for 2014! Let’s go!









Photo Run-Down
Edward’s Sweet Sixteenth- he got a Virgil Tracy costume and we all wore Thunderbird masks for lols
Jim and Sarah’s Wedding photo booth fun
My Letter of the Week in the Radio Times / Claim to Fame- Frankie from the Saturdays tweeted my Young Minds campaign
Me and Soph lookin’ fab at the Sixth Form Summer Party
Me, mum and Immy at the Race For Life
Imogen’s 14th Candle Blow-Out / Me in Shrewsbury on the only sunny day of the summer
Both from France- me and Ed outside our house on the left and me and Imogen on the right… jk it’s me in my natural habitat; surrounded by goats
Me, Lucy and Ellen before my 19th birthday party
Spiders in Salem
Ice Skating at Rockefeller / Me and Immy in Plymouth
Harriet and Me; Bookshop Goddesses and all-round angels
Me, Lucy, Tom and Ellen ft. Ronni at Christmas Games Day / Immy and me
Me, Immy and Frankie / Grandma and Grandad with me, Ed, Immy and Frankie
Grandma and Grandad with me, Ed and Immy – none of us at our best but a lovely photo all the same

Thank you for everyone who read by blog in 2014 and I hope you continue to read it throughout 2015! Lots of love!! XO


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