2015 – The Year I Become FABULOUS

I’m a big believer in New Year’s resolutions. For me the New Year signals the start of a new chapter and provides me with a clean slate for a new set of challenges. This year, I’ve been thinking harder about my resolutions and have tried my best to put aside dreams of a healthier lifestyle involving less chocolate and more runs and instead have focussed on things that I feel will enhance and improve my life.
Admittedly, this all sounds a bit romantic and soppy and I wish you all the best if you’ve picked a less chocolate/more jogging/less alcohol style resolution but recently I’ve thinking a lot about how to make small changes that will make a big difference.
Before the end of January I will have started my Retail Apprenticeship at the bookshop where I’ve been working part-time for the last 4 and a half years. As much as I adore holding and looking at books, I’ve never been a big reader and frankly as a trainee bookseller, that’s rubbish. Consequently the easiest decision regarding New Year’s resolutions is to read and review 1 book a month. Even I can see that this sounds ridiculously easy but as someone who can only recommend Harry Potter and a handful of GCSE novels, this will be a real challenge.
My next resolution is to blog more. This is something that I’m really excited for because I love to write but often put it off because I can’t be bothered which is just pure laziness. Even once I’ve started my apprenticeship I will still have plenty of time to allow for writing and this year I’m going put lots of effort into keeping this up.
My final resolution is to do more, eat more and be happier. I’ve bunched these 3 together because they fit hand in hand. Currently, my activities are limited to wandering around the house and occasionally wandering around the bookshop when I’m working. This year I turn 20 and it’s suddenly hitting me that I live a very dull and restricted lifestyle so during my last few months as a teenager I’m vowing to become busy and interesting. Hopefully my busyness will increase my appetite and so I’m promising that I will feed myself when necessary. At the moment I’m very slack about eating and often let my hunger escalate to the point where I’m in such a famine induced state of grumpiness that I’d rather die of starvation in my bed than get up and find something to eat. Being busy and full will surely make me happy, and that’s my final aim for 2015.
Good luck to anyone who’s set themselves resolutions and high five to those who’ve said ‘sod it- I don’t need resolutions I’m fab as I am’. I’ll report back in a few months to hopefully brag about my successes…
Much love!

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