Today Is A Good Day

This isn’t going to be a particularly long post but it’s a post that I think is important none-the-less.

Today I was reminded that at about this time last year I printed out a piece of paper bearing the words, ‘today will be a good day’ which I stuck onto my bathroom door. For a long time, this sheet of paper with 6 words and some highlighter scrawlings took pride of place in my bedroom, in a place where it could not be missed.

It doesn’t sound like much, but for a long while this piece of paper that grew tattier by the hour gave me the thumbs up that I needed to face the day ahead.

As a cynical person, I was always the one scoffing to the point of choking at motivational posters but when it was me in need of a little helping hand, the sight of these words helped raise a smile on my often miserable face.

You mustn’t be afraid to plaster your walls with words of wisdom if you feel that it will perk you up. Do whatever you must to raise a smile and be proud to do so because taking control of your weaknesses is the most powerful thing that you can do. Grab life with both hand and embrace every moment that you’re in charge!

I don’t have a picture of the poster that I made for myself but a google search found the framed poster above which I think is so fabulous. If I ever manage to find one similar to hang in my room, I will be very happy indeed!


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