What’s on the pile? | July 2015

Working in a bookshop means that I am tempted by books all day long and so try as I might, I always want more. Here are the books that I own but have yet to read!

Go Set A Watchman | Harper Lee
As a bookseller I’m pretty fed up of being told that Go Set A Watchman has ruined To Kill A Mockingbird and is ‘soooo rubbish’ by people who have yet to read it themselves. I’m so desperate to read this and be able to provide customers a judgement of my own – who knows, maybe I’ll be saying those words myself…

It’s About Love | Steven Camden
Wenlock Books received this as a proof a little (long) while ago and it’s actually since been published… The quote on the back cover describes as ‘stunning, distinctive and deeply moving’ and Jordan Stephens called it ‘time-warping escapism’. If it’s good enough for my favourite Rizzle Kick then it’s certainly good enough for me. I look forward to reading this really soon!

This Is Not A Love Story | Keren David
This again is a proof copy of a book that is now published and is a book that has been received some really high praise. I’m such a fan of books told in dual perspective and I’m intrigued to see how Keren uses the two different voices to tell this story. Like many of the YA books that I’ve read this year, This Is Not A Love Story deals with LGBT issues which I hope will be really interesting.

Under My Skin | James Dawson
I saw James Dawson at Hay Festival earlier in the year and I completely fell in love with his personality; I’m really hoping that some of his charm shines through in this book. I’ve not read anything by James Dawson before although given that he was awarded the Queen of Teen in 2014, I definitely should. I can’t wait to give this a go!

Into The Fire | Manda Scott
Just like Go Set A Watchman, Into The Fire is a grown-up book (by which I mean not YA!) and is also the only book on my to-read pile that has been personally signed! I attended the book launch of Into The Fire and was lucky enough to hear Manda talk about her reasons for writing a book about Joan of Arc. Manda is the most incredible speaker and talks with passion unrivalled by any other authors that I’ve met. I hope that I’m able to read this before the end of this year as I know that it will be utterly amazing.

Counting By 7s | Holly Goldberg Sloan
I’ve already started this book 3 times before and have never made it past the first few pages due to really silly distractions. I’ve actually really enjoyed what I’ve managed to read so I’m promising myself that I will read this book all the way through at some point soon. I hope that I enjoy the rest of it as much as I’ve enjoyed the first few chapters lots of times…

Reasons To Stay Alive | Matt Haig
This is another book that I started and didn’t complete. Unlike Counting By 7s though, this isn’t a fictional story and I think is probably the sort of book that I can pick up again from where I left off. I found parts of this very difficult to read because Matt relives parts of his depression so clearly that it reminded me of my own depression. It’s certainly a book that I must read and I will definitely finish this book even if I have to read it in small chunks over a long period of time.

The Door That Led To Where | Sally Gardner
Wenlock Books received this a long time ago and I wish that I hadn’t unwrapped it until I actually started reading it as there was a beautiful key tied onto the front with string and I can’t find the photo I took! I’ve only read one other YA book this year told exclusively from a male point of view (Boo by Neil Smith) so I’m really looking to starting this.

A Thousand Nights | E.K. Johnston
I was given A Thousand Nights by Anna Bond and Andy Balshaw from PanMacmillan when they visited Wenlock Books a couple of weeks ago and I’m so excited about this book! The campaign message inside describes this as ‘an evocative and captivating YA retelling of Arabian Nights’ and I think I’m really going to enjoy this.

I will be updating my progress on goodreads where I will also be posting mini reviews as soon as I’ve finished. Full reviews will be on this blog as soon as possible!

Let me know what’s on your ‘to read’ list!


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