Book Review: The Amazing Book is Not on Fire

IMG_5793Unlike many of the books written by YouTubers, The Amazing Book is Not on Fire is something that I was really looking forward to. I love Dan and Phil and so when they created a video back in March announcing that they would be releasing a book, I was mighty excited.

In the last couple of years we’ve seen the YouTuber book market become incredibly saturated, with an unbelievable amount of creators releasing books as part of their range of merchandise. Whilst this has undeniably been hugely beneficial to bookselling as a whole, as a bookseller it can feel a little bit boring watching similar books being released week after week. Knowing that The Amazing Book is Not on Fire would be different has kept me intrigued for months!

To me, The Amazing Book is Not on Fire is a breath of fresh air as it’s completely different to anything that I’ve seen in quite a while. The best way that I can describe it is like a Dan and Phil annual – bear with me – because it’s an absolute mixture of bits about them, trivia, YouTube know-how, and features from their YouTube channels (think ‘Reasons Why Dan’s A Fail’ and Phil’s ‘Things I Thought Were True But Are Not True’). On top of that, we *finally* find out what happened in Vegas!

Going into this I did wonder if there would be a lot of recycled content but in fact there wasn’t anything that I felt had already been covered in a video. Despite what they may say, Dan and Phil actually have very interesting lives! This book is full to the brim of brilliant content that is worthy of the fancy paper it’s printed on.

It’s so obvious from the quality of every single page that so much effort has gone into making this book absolutely perfect and the result is something that feels very, very special. As Dan and Phil are so popular, this book was bound to sell well regardless of what’s inside it, and so to have created a book of such a high standard shows real care for their audience. I’m always a little wary of books written by YouTubers as sometimes they can feel quite self-indulgent (understandable when your career is based on yourself, and your audience want to know every detail of your life) but The Amazing Book is Not on Fire was the complete opposite.

When reading The Amazing Book is Not on Fire I never once felt that this was made to promote Dan and Phil, nor that’s it’s purpose is to make a load of money; this is a product that has been lovingly crafted for their viewers and it’s clear that they put everything they have into making this exceptional. There are plenty of unseen photos as well as enough exclusive stories to satisfy even the more intense fans. I’ve no idea whether or not there are plans for a second book but The Amazing Book is Not on Fire is definitely good enough to be the only book they ever publish.

I really loved this book and it’s absolutely the sort of thing that I’ll revisit, either from the beginning or from a random page – there’s no need to read front to back as each page brings with it a new story that holds its own (a perfect coffee table book for the more sophisticated readers who may own coffee tables. Sadly that isn’t me). There are plenty of things to make you laugh and smile, and also some really informative pages about YouTube and how to deal with aspects of life. As a fan of Dan and Phil I’m able to appreciate just how well put together this book is and for that reason I’d definitely recommend this to anyone who is a fan of their videos, their radios shows, or just their personalities.

If I did star ratings I’d give this 5 shiny stars. A super-duper book that will make any Dan and Phil fan’s day!

Finally, I’d like to say a great big thank you to Ebury for sending me this copy – I’m so, so grateful!

Dan: danandphilbookyoutube |  twitter | facebook | tumblr

Phil: danandphilbookyoutubetwitter | facebook | tumblr

Ebury: twitter | website | facebook | youtube


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