10 bookish facts about me

I enjoyed Ally’s 25 Bookish Facts About Me video so I thought I’d have a go too since I’ve not been blogging much recently and it seemed like a bit of fun. Sadly I’m not interesting enough to have 25 facts but here’s 10!

1. My favourite book is The Curious Incident of The Dog in The Night-Time, and earlier this year I shared the pleasure of re-reading it with my friend Michelle. We also reviewed it together which was so much fun!

2. The books that most resonate with me are Solitaire and Radio Silence, both by Alice Oseman. Alice writes characters and stories that I recognise, and brings issues that matter to me to life. I can’t recommend her books and novellas highly enough – they’re super duper!

3. My favourite series of books is Harry Potter, although I didn’t read them until 2009. We had all of the books at home but I was convinced that I’d find them boring – it wasn’t until all of my friends were talking about them and I felt left out that I read all of them in the summer holiday between year 9 and year 10. I started back in September brimming with HP knowledge, which turned out to be more useful than you might imagine.

4. Growing up my favourite author was Roald Dahl. I adored his stories and poems and would read them over and over, especially Revolting Rhymes which my mum LOVED. Our favourite rhyme was Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf because Little Red whipping a pistol from her knickers is honestly the best plot twist of all time.

5. Jacqueline Wilson was my favourite author once I started Key Stage 2. Now old enough to choose my own books I always seemed to opt for something heartbreaking. My favourite stories were The Bed and Breakfast Star, Double Act (my best friend and I thought that matching knee-high stripy socks and cropped crocheted cardigans was enough to convince people that we were Ruby and Garnet for World Book Day), and Best Friends which I had signed by JW when I met her in Shrewsbury. As I got older, the Girls series became my absolute favourite thing to read.

6. When I was 8 I used to write stories with my 5 year old brother which we’d print off and illustrate. Every book includes an ‘About The Authors’ page and most have a ‘winner of the Blue Peter Book Award’ brag on the front cover – I was both realistic and modest about my talents.

7. James Hannah was the first author that I asked questions to after reading his book. I was only brave enough to ask Jim questions about his novel The A to Z of You and Me because I know him, but he was so kind and gave such great responses that from then on I started sending questions to as many authors as I can!

8. The Supernaturalist by Eoin Colfer was the first book that I read because of a recommendation. In year 8 we had to give a book recommendation to our English class and my best friend recommended The Supernaturalist. It’s a book that I continue to recommend to others, and it was the first time that I realised how special talking about books can be. Also, the notes in the back of the book are completely hilarious, and mostly involve me asking ‘can I go with you?’ to people on my table. #ForeverAfraidOfBeingAloneInGroupProjects

9. Twilight is my guilty pleasure read. I won’t deny that I love Twilight, and I’ve probably read it 10 times. I wouldn’t recommend the other 3, but I honestly think the first book is really good!

10. And finally, incase you didn’t know, I’m a bookseller! I work at Wenlock Books, an independent bookshop in Shropshire and *brag alert* I’ve been shortlisted for Young Retailer of the Year at The British Book Industry Awards 2016!


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